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Rocky Mountain Health Network



Joining RMHN, a Physician Hospital Organization (PHO) gives you many benefits:

RMHN will help you prepare for whatever the future holds. The keys to success in the future will be collaboration, efficiency, waste reduction and quality. And, while we can never be certain what challenges we’ll face in the future, what we do know is that health care is changing rapidly.

A member of our senior management team will walk you through the enrollment process and work directly with you during the application process. Call us at (866) 275-7646 or (406) 238-6066 or contact us online, and we will get back to you within one business day.

RMHN also partners with healthcare providers who are not RMHN members. Our non-member clients can improve their operations and reduce expenses by outsourcing one or more business management services to us. These services are available for purchase on an a la carte basis.


When you join RMHN as a full member, you are joining a group of more than 650 providers including physicians, hospitals, surgery centers, chiropractors, physical therapists, mental health professionals and others. When you become a member of RMHN, you become part of a comprehensive network.

Many benefits come with membership to Rocky Mountain Health Network, some of which are exclusive to members. Two of our member-only services are payer credentialing and third-party payer relationship development. These two services alone have helped new practices get off the ground, increased patient bases for established practices and generally helped all those in between achieve better reimbursement rates.

In addition to services included with membership, you may elect to purchase other RMHN services at a discounted member price. Some services that are included in your RMHN member benefits package include:

Credentialing: RMHN provides you with one application that we use to credential you with dozens of payers

Contracting: RMHN is a ‘messenger’ model Physician Hospital Organization.  RMHN members rely on the management of RMHN to consult and contract with third party payers, representing the overall best interest of the membership.

Contract management: RMHN manages all of the third party payer contracts on behalf of its membership

Claims disputes: RMHN is your local contact for issues arising from the processing of claims.  RMHN has direct contacts with all the payers and will work on your behalf to resolve claims issues

MD Connect Call Center: RMHN provides toll-free access to its members from providers and/or patients outside the immediate service area.

Organizational leadership opportunities: RMHN is governed by an elected Board of Directors.  Members are eligible to serve on the Board and on the many committees that exist.  A strong Board is key to the success of the organization.

Access to the Accountable Care Organization: RMHN members are able to participate in any of the “Shared Savings” plans administered by RMHN and its Accountable Health Network subsidiary.

Business Partner Discounts:  RMHN has partnered with businesses in the region specifically for its members.  Some of the partner discounts include:

  • Collection Agency fee discounts
  • Claims clearinghouse discount
  • Office supplies and printing discounts


Our practice has offices located across the state and in multiple states. Can RMHN's services work for us?

Yes. RMHNs' IT backbone is Internet-based. Our office can communicate with yours regardless of your location.

Can services be tailored to fit our business?

Absolutely. Our healthcare business solutions are built around your organization's philosophy and business needs.

Is RMHN knowledgeable about third party payors including Medicare and Medicaid?

Yes. We have staff specialized in dealing with government and commercial payers.

Can our practice utilize individual services offered by RMHN?

Yes. While all RMHN healthcare business solutions are available to all providers, individual services (like billing or collections) can be purchased individually by your practice.  RMHN will help you with your specific business needs.

If we outsource our billings and collection services to RMHN, will our practice be able to see the work being performed?

Yes. RMHN will either interface with your practice management system, entering real-time notes in your system, or you will access our software and observe activity as it is being performed. Either option allows up-to-the-minute access to current activity.

Will our practice know who is helping us?

Yes. RMHN assigns a dedicated team to your account. In addition to the team, each account has a lead contact person.  You will always know who you can call.

How involved can a provider become in RMHN?

The RMHN Board of Directors is represented by physicians, ancillary providers and healthcare facilities. Additional committees are comprised of our organization's members.  Members are encouraged to be active participants in the organization.

Is RMHN knowledgeable on current issues affecting healthcare?

Yes. RMHN maintains representation in the country’s major healthcare organizations and actively participates in ongoing legislative issues relating to healthcare.

Our organization is a hospital. Can RMHN help us?

Yes. RMHN’s current membership includes several hospitals in the region.  Critical Access Hospitals find our services especially beneficial.  We make it easy for them to participate with most of the payers in the state.  And our health care business services can be a very cost effective alternative.

If I decide to join, what are the benefits of RMHN?

Membership in RMHN includes:

  • Access to 29 payer networks and thousands of covered lives
  • Credentialing for all 29 payer networks (one application will get you credentialed with all the payers)
  • Contract negotiation and contract management (often resulting in better rates for members)
  • Claims dispute resolution and advocacy
  • Ongoing education for staff and providers
  • Access to the ACO products
  • Toll-free call center: connect with a consulting physician in any specialty with MD Connect.

I want to be a provider for a specific payor/contract. How can RMHN help me?

RMHN has contracts with some of the most widely known networks in the region.  Members have access to the 29 payer contracts.  You determine which third party contracts are best for you.

How do I get started?

Simply pick up the phone and call us at (866) 275-RMHN or (406) 238-6066.  If you prefer, you can contact us online. We look forward to hearing from you!